1- It won't let me pay by card:

- Contact Kichink directly for support with this issue.

2- My address changes

-Contact Kichink directly for support with this issue.

3- It doesn't give me the payment button

-Contact Kichink directly for support with this issue.


To change size it is necessary to send an email to contacto@mercadorama.com.mx with the following information:

1-Full name

2-Order number

3-Complete address to know if they live in CDMX or outside.

4-Size you have, the size you need

5-Color and gender (jacket)

5- He charged me more than what I asked for:

Again contact Kichink directly so that the respective refund can be made for the extra garments.

6- I did not receive any confirmation email:

You must wait a moment since it is not automatic, in case it does not arrive in the next 2 days and you have checked your spam folder, contact kichink directly.

7- They canceled my order and I had already made the payment:

We ask you to contact our friends at @kichink directly so they can help you with this issue.

8-Customer service, example:

Hello! I'm from Canada (or England), I'm trying to buy the jacket

but it won't let me enter my address, they only ship to


Answer: Hello! Canada (or England) has a postal code with a letter, you

We ask that you first enter a zip code that is

only numeric just to let you scroll down the screen and then change the country.

Once it has let you change the country, enter your code

postal correctly and your address manually.

9- Mine's buttons fell off:

We are very sorry. There will always be a few that are defective, but we have a guarantee for this. We will gladly exchange it for a new one. Write to us by direct message to explain the change process.

10- Where do I find the jackets?

You can find them at www.mercadorama.com.mx

11- What are the costs?

Hello! The black jacket with white letters costs $2,000.00 plus shipping. The red jacket and the green jacket have a cost of $2,500.00 plus shipping (you can see the shipping cost when you are making the purchase) and finally the children's jacket has a cost of $1,500.00 plus shipping, the poncho $2,000.00 plus shipping and the socks $350 plus shipping.

12- Do you have measurements of the jackets?

Yes, I will gladly share the measurement tables with you.

13- Why do they make so few? – Size “X” is already finished:

In reality they are never few. However, they sell very quickly. We appreciate you wanting to buy it. Next month we will restock more of all sizes.

Note: Kichink's phone number is: 5545039910, send WhatsApp only.